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Summative Bibliography from ORAL TRADITIONIn the spirit of democratic exchange, the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition now offers an online, searchable bibliography that contains every book, article, film, or other item ever referenced in the journal Oral Tradition from its founding in 1986 onward. Composed of more than 15,000 entries on more than 100 different areas, this Summative Bibliography reflects international research and scholarship on the world's oral traditions from ancient times to the present day. It is an open-access, free-of-charge facility that will be updated as future issues of Oral Tradition are published.

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Oral-Formulaic Theory: Annotated Bibliography

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1958 - H elmut de Boor and Wolfgang Mohr. "Formel." In Reallexicon der deutschen Literaturgeschichte, vol 1. Ed. Werner Kohlschmidt and Wolfgang Mohr. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. pp. 471-76.

A definition and history of the term Formel, tracing its origi n to Latin formula and its function in the Roman practice of law. Shows its application to literature, cults, and magic, particularly as a literary device in Germanic works reflecting a pre-Christian orientation and also in examples of MHG works. Added s ection on its use in Protestant church songs.
Area: MHG, GM, CP